Project BMW RNineT

September 19, 2015

RnineT 2I purchased this BMW in the spring of this year after putting a deposit down last fall. I’ll be posting updates on this bike as I have made a few changes to it and have a few more planned. So far the mods to the bike include: clips-ons, wrapped exhaust headers, tail chop, Motogadget dash, Zard Bad Child Exhaust, and Rizoma foot pegs. There will be some paint changes made over the winter along with a few other things.

This is the first BMW I have owned (most of my previous bikes were Ducatis). Although it doesn’t have the torque and grunt compared to the Ducatis I’ve owned, it still has decent power. The Woodcraft clip ons give the bike a really aggressive look, but they are definitely a little too low and I find myself sitting at the very front edge of the seat so that I’m not too stretched out. This is something I will likely have to change in order to make the bike more comfortable for longer rides.

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